MediaMonkey Jukebox review - the best digital audio player and music organizer for your PC

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First, the MediaMonkey Jukebox software by Ventis Media is one of the best music library players that exists. It's even better than the Standard Windows media-player. There are some issues, but still it is the best music library ever made. The newest version Media Monkey 4.0.6 is now available for downloading and supports compatibility with the iPod Nano 6G, iPod Shuffle 4G and the iPod Touch 4G. It also resolves compatibility issues with iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2.1 firmware recently released for iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. We guide you through this review, split in to the advantages and the limitations of the program. We added as much as possible info, so you can learn how to use MediaMonkey Jukebox.

USB / Pen-drive installation
This is the biggest enovation in the latest version of MediaMonkey Jukebox.
Now you can choose to install the program on an exernal hard-disk or a pen-drive. The program does run on it's on. So everywhere you plug your pen-drive or external HD you can play your music on that drive by simple open the MediaMonkey program from it.
This comes verry handy if you got lots of music and you need to play it on more than one PC or laptop.

The advantages
MediaMonkey needs less memory and CPU resources than the Windows Media Player. So the program response faster and your computer don't have to slow down because you want to listen to your favorite music while you're working on your PC.

Supports many mp3-players like the iPod, iPod river, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and the iPhone. You don't need iTunes any more to transfer your music to your Apple device. MediaMonkey is even better than iTunes.

Can rip Audio CD's in no time and in different sorts of file-types, like: lame mp3, windows media audio, ogg vorbis and flac. The tags are automatically filled in by the database of Freedb. You even have the option to rip your Audio CD's with a Jitter Correction. Maybe there has to be an option to rip your Audio-CD's digital or analog.

MediaMonkey support almost all the audio extensions, like ogg-vorbis, flac (aac) and some exotic file extensions that aren't supported by Microsoft's free Windows Media Player.

In the latest versions MediaMonkey can play video files like avi, mpeg, mkv and many more.

It supports all the play-list files like: M3U and PLS.

Many free skins available to give you're MediaMonkey an original look.

A few plug-ins can make your music sounds better.

It's supports almost every language.

The 'file monitoring' is very good, but only available in the gold version. This means that if you ad or change something in you mp3 tags, it put the file in a structure that can automatically be managed by MediaMonkey. You can manipulate how MediaMonkey structure your audio files. For example: if you want the song-title that you added to your mp3 file, has to be set after the artist and this has to be in a map named after the album. MediaMonkey makes it easy to manages your music library automatically.

MediaMonkey can make Audio-CD's like every good burning software.

It supports all the existing ID3 tags like ID3v1 and ID3v2, and if the original tag can't handle the many info you added, than Media Monkey write the tag again but in the ID3v2 and save it with the file. Now there is a new function in the auto tagging section. It support now the huge library of Discogs, this is a big advantage for people who like electronic and dance music, you can integrated as a plug-in (it's actually a script) see here how to integrate this script.

The library is much more efficient because it need less memory to load because the library file consumes a little of the hard-drive space.

Create Statistics and other Reports of your music collection as Excel, html, or xml files, so that you can show it to others.

MediaMonkey 3.x runs on Windows platforms only. It is supported on Windows 8, Windows 7 , Windows Vista, and Windows XP, but is also known to work on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and WINE (Linux). MediaMonkey seems to have no problem with 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) versions of Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista.

The limitations:
The free version doesn't monitor your files in different folders. There for you have to sign up for the Gold Version and just pay it, it's worth it.

Albums are not made properly, some folders are displayed more than one time if the album includes more than one artist. Artist are located next to the albums. I fixed the problem by just ad 1 album artiest to all the songs in that album, for a compilation I fill in various or various artists in the album artist tag and then it goes very well to display just 1 album or compilation.

The program is mostly faster than the Windows Media Player, but still it absorbs many memory and CPU resources. Mostly when the program starts to run and monitorize the library, but there is an option to switch this feature off, but where? We found it under: File-monitor, Start scan, switch it on NO. The next time your run MediaMonkey it will start blazing fast.

Adding Album art can only in *.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif and *.png, other files like *.tif and *.psd aren't supported, but this is not a big disappointment.

Why is there a library clean up? This option should not be needed in a good program. And if you run this option it only takes valuable time away. And what does it actually? You have the option to optimize it fast or to optimize it completely.

You can't add 2 of more albums to 1 song by separate them with a ' ; '. The weird thing is that MediaMonkey support this for different genres but not for albums. But we found a solution:  Track Redirection & Synchronization MediaMonkey Add-on made by Zvezdan Dimitrijević. Can be  downloaded from his website and installed right in to MediaMonkey.

No support for Mac, but there is a program for the Mac that can run almost every Windows-based program.

As you see it's just a matter of time to solve this little issues. MediaMonkey makes music more enjoyable. I just have to say that this is the best music library player ever!!

Thanks, for reading this.

All of these writings have been written by my own personal experience with this program. I hope that some of the issues will be fixed in the newer versions, than Media Monkey will be the king of the music-players and music-libraries for computers. We will keep you updated about the new features and fixes as soon there are new versions available.

Visit the website: MediaMonkey Music Jukebox